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Friday, November 9, 2012

9/30 It's Friday.... Making it a fun day

9/30. It's Friday, after all the cleaning that was done yesterday. Today is going to be a relaxing day before the weekend chaos begins. Didn't Juice this morning because there was plenty of Juice left over from the day prior to start the day off.

Took the free time this morning to take a short walk around the neighborhood. Love how the mornings are so nice and chilly. It has been so long since I have been able to enjoy cold weather. I am totally loving this Amazing Change.

I'm the type of person that will find beauty in the simple things! I take the time to look at the little things. As I was walking I saw a small patch of flowers coming out of the grass. They were so small and pretty had to take a picture.

I love this next couple of pictures. Are such a true statement. You are what you do every day! Even if you think others do not see what you do in  private, trust me somethings are not easy to hide.

I am blessed to have AMAZING friends, that share their children with me. I was invited to enjoy Story time at one of our local libraries. It was so neat, all those  kids had an awesome time. We enjoyed some books, some toys and had a lovely lunch as well. Not to worry I had my Juice with me as well as a can of Coconut water just in case it wasn't enough. I must of been tired I took a 2 hour nap after getting home!

Little Jacob is such a joy. He gets excited about everything. He is always full of smiles and plenty of cuddles.

I  Love This Little Boy, He brings me so much Joy. Love being silly with him.

I noticed some of the chairs backs had little FROGS ( Fully Rely On Gods Strength )edged on them, and well that just brought a smile to my face!  Happy Friday Everyone!!!!! Weekend here I come! Praying everyone stays safe during this Veteran's weekend!

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