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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

6/30 Routines are becoming easier to accomplish

I'm waking up knowing exactly what steps to take to get my morning going. From the gathering of my tools, to the gathering of my vegetables and fruits. Even my body knows when it gets juice, water, or hot herbal tea. My mind feels awake, the fogginess of before is completely gone. I feel like I can think clearly, no confusion. It sure feels good to feel alive.

Took a short walk this morning it was nice and cool, First winter I'm going to enjoy. I did not have my phone with me but someone posted this picture on instagram of Downtown Austin. I love our city.
Very Unique and full of diversity. Love their tag line "Keep Austin Weird" yup we moved to the right place.

I have a huge task today. I have to clean one of my Fur kids art work. Husband tried to but this is what he left a bunch of little clean not so clean spots. Kind of hilarious how we have no children in our home but our Animals keep us entertained with the things they do.

Today Is a Very important day for all American Citizens. They get to exercise on of their many rights, to Vote for a new president or to keep the one they have. Not sure but did anyone else notice how this election was brutal. there has been a lot of name calling, anger, fear, just plain nastiness.  I'm not able to vote this election, but I would like to think that if I was, I would be able to vote for the issues. I pray that no matter who wins God is at the Center of it all. A friend said today " No matter who is President Jesus is King".

After Cleaning the wall, had to recharge. What better way than to have a cup of yesterday's Watermelon juice. Let me tell you it was just the shot of sugar I needed to continue with the cleaning list.

Before starting this juice fast I prepped my body. took all dairy out. was drinking a lot more water. the week before I started eating a little more clean. I didn't want to have a hard Detox. I wanted success for this fast. Sometimes the pain get to be to much. The fear kicks in and also the opinions of others. I've learned that you have to do what's right for you, not for your husband, not for your friends. You only get one body,one mind, one life, and if you do not choose how to live your life someone else will. For me letting someone else make decisions on how to care for my self, it just doesn't make sense.

I took a few pictures together to show  a progression to the change that is happening not just physically but internally. left corner, Oct 25..Right Corner,Oct 31...bottom Left, Nov 2..Bottom Right, Nov 6..... Can you see changes? I see slight changes on my face, my Skin. i do not look so tired. I feel Happy, You can see the joy growing, and let me tell you that is really of  cool.  I did not  weight my self at the beginning of this because i wanted the focus to be on getting healthier. I can tell you a week ago XL shirts were to tight, XL pants were not comfortable to wear any more. I noticed on  Sunday the pants are getting looser, and the Shirts as well. I have no joint pain, my congestion, constant allergies have cleared. My skin is healing it self. I had vitamin deficiency sores all over my body. There are areas in my body that look like I was burned.  Ive come to terms with that. But let me tell you that took a long while.

Its getting time to go to Prayer Group. Time to get my dinner ready. and head out the door. I pray that tonight even if things don't look  the way you want them to be. that you have Faith. Hebrews 1:11.. Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Remember do something Healthy for your self. Remember you are Loved by a Love beyond any Human understanding.

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