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Friday, October 11, 2013

Health Update

I promised an update... Here we go.... in the past few months I have been dealing with a lot of pain due to a hernia. I have also noticed my energy levels slightly get lower and lower. I have made excuses for all my symptoms.... working long hours, having split days off, very busy personal life. Which in my crazy mind made it all connect and justify itself.....
 Let me be the first to admit I WAS WRONG!!!! yes you can write it on your calendar, and you can definitely remind me of it so I  do not forget it. 

 I have Insurance once again, which is something I feel totally Blessed for. I am Blessed to have a job that provides me several options as far as my coverages are concerned. is it cheap no, but not having insurance is way more expensive for someone like me.  I know in my heart that God's timing is perfect.

 After my appointment on Thursday, I got reminded of many things. One that I am not alone in what ever I am facing. That when I am weak, I have many who will be strong for me. That when my mind is getting attacked by fear and doubts, I have some very strong prayer warriors who will go to the Throne of Grace to brings my burdens up to our Heavenly Father. And this is Priceless, and I hope that you reading this know that I to pray for you, and I will  go to the Throne on your behalf.

 I'm confident that no matter what the outcomes of my tests are I will once again come out in full victory. It may get scary, and tiresome but I am not a person that gives up. I am going to need surgery for a hernia repair, while doctor was checking heart, there were a few things that made her want a follow up with a cardiologist ( was one of the issues while I was in ICU, so this does not surprise me, better safe than sorry) . I am showing signs of not absorbing all my nutrients again, this explains the fatigue, headaches, mental fog. Because of my family's health history doctor wants to get my  BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene tested ( hey I might just get the new boobs I have been asking for , lol I know I'm nuts).

So lets just say there will be a lot of Doctors appointments, a lot of medical tests. But one thing I am sure of is I AM AN OVERCOMER! My GOD is bigger than any sickness invented.

The two links below are two of my favorite songs... 

Overcomer by Mandisa

Matthew West Strong Enough