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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

12/30... Another Monday, another blessed week in the making

12/30...Good Morning World....I'm still walking on clouds from last night's concert. Something I heard last night from MercyMe made think of the verse down below. Starting my day by Drinking my lemon/cayenne water as I'm doing my to do list.

Looks like the first thing on my list is trying to tame my hair. I'm actually having fun dealing with all the nonsense its making me do. Trying to figure out how to use this flat Iron to try to get this stubborn hair to do what I want it to do.

One side It kind of worked the other not so much. Hair is determined to do a flip and a curl. so I've decided I was wasting to much time on my hair and well I'm just going to have to rock this look until It grows some more.

It's another Meatless Monday at our House. For me it's easy remember I'm on a Juice fast its all Plant based diet for me. For my husband is a different story. He is the typical male that believes that the only food on the food pyramid is Meat and Potatoes with a side pyramid of crispy bacon.

Tonight's dish is something similar to mushroom bourguignon: Baby portabellos, Crimini mushrooms sauteed with baby red,yellow,blue potatoes, Onions,Peppers,garlic. Used Coconut Oil, some Apple cider vinegar, Coconut Milk, Liquid Aminos, garlic, salt free seasoning mix, at the end I mixed in some rainbow quinoa to absorb the nice gravy it had created..... Husband cleaned his plate and asked for more so, say today's dish was another addition to recipe binder

Huband's new favorite fruit is the Pomelo Fruit. 10 reasons to enjoy a pomelo . Mike had me peel the fruit. I try to peel the whole fruit without breaking the peel and at the end I make a little flower to put on a dish to use as room air freshener and it looks pretty cute on a dish. I do with lemons and oranges as well. once they dry you can add to a jar full of potpourri and looks pretty cool. Poor Pomelo Fruit didn't have a chance with Mike. I enjoyed a nice Watermelon Mint Fruit pop as my snack.

I really do see this as a journey we are both taking. He is trying to be more aware of what he eats even if he doesn't think so. His choices have changed in the past month. He had his first Juice Oct 6, 2012. He has been having a 20-24oz juice every day since then. If you asked him he  would probably tell you that he doesn't notice any changes other than his wife is very happy he is eating vegetables and fruits he would other wise not touch. I have noticed changes. I see him sleeping through the night, most nights. He still has neuropathy pain in his legs and feet. I see less flare-ups than before. His face is not as gray or pale. his eyes don't look so yellowish. He used to get Horrible Headaches. He has the Raw glow ( he is so going to kill me for saying that).  I see him calm, relaxed not as anxious as before. That could just be because he sees me feeling better as well.

He understands the concept of eating better to feel better, but he still sees it as being just another crazy idea his wife is doing. That's okay with me. I understand that we all have different paths and different needs. We have to stay true to our own. What we do every day affects those around us, in little and in big ways. I choose to be around Positivity, Love, Respect, Understanding. Those around me are attracted to that, and the best thing the people who are not quickly leave. I hope you too choose to do something positive for your self! I pray you know you are loved, beyond any type of love seen in this universe, or this world. It's the type of love that it's beyond any human understanding. Blessings!

I pack his lunch every day with a 20-24 oz bottle of Green Juice, today he remembered he had not finish his juice. As we watch a movie he was drinking his juice. Which I think it's the coolest thing ever.

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