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Saturday, November 17, 2012

17/30 exploring with the hubby kind of day!

17/30...Happy Lazy, Relaxing Saturday. We have no agenda, no commitments, Just enjoy each others company. Do not have to worry about juicing today. I had enough Juice made to last me until tonight. We were able to sleep in, boy! did that feel goood.

I'm not sure if its because people are actually seeing a physical change, but I seem to be getting more comments regarding my fast. Is it safe, how do you know you are not going to end up in the hospital? I have to take their concern in a positive way. I am loved and well they  are concern about my health I understand that.  I have done my research. I am doing Green Juices not fruit juices (95% leafy green vegetables 5% fruit). I am getting more protein a day than most people eating normally.I am getting more nutrition than the average person. I am not eating processed foods which means I am not stressing my body. I am not drinking any caffeine, or high sugar drinks. No sodas, alcohol, wine, or anything with carbonation. I am exercising at least an hour every day (low impact). If there is any questions I will gladly try to answer any concerns.
Exploring our local Indian store
We both a Juice drink, saving mine for after fast.

Mike found a new restaurant, Korean/Mexican Burrito place. It smelled so good, and the burrito was huge
Hair is still doing it's thing, so in a hat it went. I decided to take a silly picture as I was waiting to go to a Emmaus Gathering Meeting. It was so good to see people I had not seen since my Walk this summer. The fellowship was awesome. I call today another successful day. De Colores!

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