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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

14/30 Happy Wednesday!

14/30....Wednesday mornings are usually very busy for me. I made sure today Juicing was not going to be part of the busy equation. I opted to juice last night to make sure there was not going to be a lot of chaos and running around. Let me tell you if you know you are going to be busy you need to plan and prepare to have a successful day. I'm having very vivid dreams not sure if that's part of the fast. I see it as my mind and spirit going through it' own Detox process.

Bible study today was as wonderful as always. I love the small group of ladies that have come together. Today I did find my mind wondering a bit. Not just to the dreams, To-Do lists, and just plain unimportant stuff. I feel there's a shift happening. My Mind is trying to figure it all out, trying to find the logic of what is happening. Praying & trusting God in this journey.

When I feel I can't keep my mind present in the moment I turn to music. Music that can center me and remind me of who I really am. As I was  cleaning and prepping dinner Pandora on my phone had a mini Salvador Concert. Then I switched it to Kids Worship Music. That always brings joy to the day.

Tried something new for Mike's dinner... Made Shrimp & Rainbow Quinoa in a Bumbu Bali Sauce, Roasted Yucca Roots covered in Almond Cheddar Cheese, side Romain Lettuce. The house smells so good. The important thing Mike cleaned his plate, didn't notice the coconut oil,coconut milk, Dairy Free/ Gluten Free dinner complete success!

Aside from Having very interesting dreams, (not sure what that is all about). No pain, no hunger, staying hydrated. Had fun in the kitchen, it's bothering me less and less but I keep my juice very close by. I call this another successful day. Blessings!

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