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Monday, November 19, 2012

18/30 under the weather.

18/30... Not feeling so good today. Woke up around 4am with a fever, tummy issues, and vomiting. Not sure where I got the bug  but hope it does not stay long. staying hydrated.

Broke the fever around 2pm, Been sipping on green juice loaded with garlic, Cayenne,  and turmeric. Got some Organic low sodium Miso soup. also made a batch of organic vegetable broth. Been sleeping most of the day, which I think my body is been needing the rest.

6:00pm, no more aches, no more sniffles, no more fever. Thanks to this bug I was able to enjoy a very lazy Sunday. Not to mention I have been pampered by the husband all day.  I think that the fact that I have been juicing for the past 18 days and have not been consuming junk, is what made this bug not stay any longer.

At the Emmaus Gathering last night, a sweet friend from my Emmaus walk gave me some Beef tamales. Which have become dinner for Mike today. Making my night even easier than I could of hoped for. Feeling Blessed and Loved. I cannot ask for more.. Another day down... Glad I did not broke the fast out of fear this morning. I am Fully Relying in God's Strength.....

pan fried Beef tamales in Coconut oil.

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