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Thursday, November 15, 2012

15/30 Halfway there!!!

15/30....Ok first join me in a 30 second Happy Dance.............................. Yes Thank you Father this success is all your doing no way I could of done it with out your strength. Time to tell you what I have learned in this first 15 days.
1. Have a strong support system. Even if your loved ones don't fully understand what you are doing, it is important that you have positive people around you.
2. Plan, Prep, and Repeat. always have extra juice prep. Plan for the unexpected to happen. Life does not stop because you are fasting.
3. Journal your process. It's important for you to get all your thoughts out of your head.
4. DO NOT STOP LIVING LIFE. It is very important that you incorporate your new healthy life style in your daily life. It's not a diet. Always remember that.
5. Write down the WHY? post it in areas where you will see it through out the day. My Why? I am WORTH IT!
6. Celebrate every second of your journey. Those celebrations will get you through the rough spots.
7. Listen to your Body. If you take the time to listen you will start to understand what your body is telling you.
8. Rest. Your calorie intake is lower than what you are normally used to. Until your body can adjust after the initial detox. Plan on taking naps during the day.
9.Drink lots of water. If you feel hungry it is most likely because your body is dehydrated. so, drink away. make juice ice cubes to give your water flavor and add a little sugar.
10. you must have 64oz minimum of Juice a day.not just fruit based juices but keep it at a 90% leafy greens, other vegetables, 10% fruit.

Day 15, I'm still having very vivid dreams but they are not bothering me as much as the first ones did. Even though the weather has changed here in Texas, I'm having no joint pain. I have not noticed any swelling in my legs, ankles, hands or Fingers. I am sleeping through the night. Only waking up to use the restroom once or twice (depending on how late I took my last drink of water) .  Some of my skin sores (due to vitamin deficiency) are staring to blend in ( I will have to get someone to take some pictures of them so show progress, not sure if I'm ready for this).
This shirt is going into the donation pile by my front door, I had not noticed how much it looks like a hospital gown,,,,EEECCCKKKKK!

I got a call from our Landlord that our House is getting appraised for a refinance, what does that mean for me, simple CLEAN.... Last year I would of cried my eyes out feeling so overwhelmed for not being able to do anything. I think I would of probably hired someone to come in and just burn everything and call it a day. I am so Thankful I was able to get upstairs clean and organized, did the downstairs floors, Cleaned the kitchen. I only have our master bedroom, downstairs bathroom, I will attack those tomorrow morning. Husband was so sweet and got into the action of it all and cleaned out parts of the garage that really needed to be organized.

After laughing about the way we both looked, and just from the simple fact that we were both doing something so mundane  as cleaning and enjoying every second of it. We are both just so Happy to be healthy to enjoy the simple things. (God you are so good to us).

I pray that you too find the joy to enjoy the simple things. That you have a partner to cherish every day with. Blessings! Idalia G

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