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Monday, November 5, 2012

3/30 Enjoying life with my favorite boys.

3/30...10% of the way to my finish line! woohooo. I know 3 days does not seem like a lot but well It's 3 days and I'm celebrating every second of my accomplishment. 
 Have a very active morning planned. we are taking the Boys to an event "Touch the Truck" Yes even I'm excited to see how  all the cars work like the fire trucks, garbage trucks, etc.
after my morning warm lemon water w/ Cayenne some juice I know I will need the energy
 Listening to Music as I prep snacks for the Boys so we can have a picnic when we are done playing around. packing a healthy selection..fruits, some veggies, hummus, and juice for everyone including the two little boys.
Hehehe Mike looks like he is asking for Help! lol he was trying to get the boys to look at me, no success!
Had a wonderful Morning with my Boys. We climbed all over big and little trucks, the army even got a Helicopter to fly in and show the kids how everything worked. Hilan was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of people by it so we skipped it. We all had a wonderful time. I noticed I had energy, no pain, kept hydrated. It was a great work out for all of us. the boys had fruit slices and juice, and juice for me as we all discussed our favorite trucks.....
Enjoying some of our snacks!
getting ready to pour me a large glass of my wonderful dinner. Hubby is having a meatball sandwich from Hoody's a deli shop a friend introduce me to. Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!!!! Remember be a positive influence for your self.

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