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Monday, November 19, 2012

19/30....Monday,... Oh wonderful Monday!

Plenty of juice in case the bug wants to come back

19/30..Happy Monday!

Trying Collard Greens in my Juice today

This is my plan today. To make today Ridiculously Amazing! I've had plenty of rest. I have a play date with my boys this morning... The possibilities of what we can get into. Actually I think it will be  a good day to start making some things to give as Christmas Presents, and the Boys will have a blast getting dirty.
made Bird Feeders, fridge magnets, and special wall surprise

We all had fun mixing and getting the bird feeders done. they had more fun with the salt dough, especially when I showed them you could shape it like playdooh. One thing I learned today was never pick up a child when their hands are full of flour. Those cute little hands  will end up on you.  yup Jacob got me right on my face. Even one of the dogs had flour on her. I call that a successful play date.

How to make Bird Feeders how to make salt dough

Mid afternoon and no sigh of the bug that had bothered me yesterday (thanking God for that). Not tired, no chills, no fever, no aches, no tummy issues, not dehydrated. Feeling really good.

Meatless Monday: For the Hubby tonight. Trying out a new Multigrain Pasta, loaded with protein and Omega 3's. Made a Spicy Garlic Tomato Cream sauce ( coconut milk, coconut oil, nutritional yeast, Garlic Chili paste). The Side vegetables are Butternut Squash, Collard Greens seasoned with Chinese Five spice (coconut oil,coconut milk, garlic,Serrano peppers,onion, tomatoes). Husband cleaned his plate again. He is not even asking whats on the plate any more, lol. But is noticing that there is new things and new flavors.

As I was prepping dinner I saved a couple of things to try to give them a second chance at a life. Hoping that in a few weeks I start seeing roots and I can replant.

Napa cabbage (left), Romaine Lettuce (Right)
So far my two Pineapple plants are still doing good but no roots yet. 15 plants you can re-grow from scraps. Got a busy morning tomorrow, Hubby has doctor appointment which means we both go to bed early tonight. Praying everyone had a wonderful Monday. Only a few more days till the Holiday. Time for Family and Friends. Make the best of it. I pray that you are not stressing on the cooking or on the family time. Enjoy every second of it. Blessings!

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