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Friday, May 15, 2015

Sapito verde to me!

Yes, it's that time of year again.  My birthday is today. Can you believe I have made it to 38. I still have a few wondering how the Heck did I manage that? My answer still stands, By the Grace of my Abba Father. This past year has been a complete Blessing.
Sitting in the car after walking out of oncologist office a month after my surgery.
feeling thankful to have a Bday, and to have Hope for a life full of Health.

No more more treatments,
No more infusions, 
No more transfusions, 
No more Steroids, 
No more pain meds.

My Abba father has been busy, blessing me left & right, Up & Down. I'm not bragging I'm just stating truth.
Every year I write down a list of goals I can accomplish through-out the year. For the most part everything got accomplished and some are still a working progress.

1.   Do not allow people's NEGATIVITY, DRAMA, FEARS,  or WRONG BELIEVING to have any importance in my life.
2.   Enjoy LIFE and those in my LIFE.
3.   Stay out of the hospital
4.   Get off all treatments, Steroids, Meds, treatments
5.   Loose at least 100 LBS that was gained due to all the medications I was under.
6. Keep growing in my Job. Keep learning

I have lost a few people along the way this year because I kept my goals in mind. But I have gained some pretty awesome people too. More important I have gained Peace, joy, Happiness.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         You better believe I have some new goals for this new year.

1.   Get Hernias repaired
2.   Loose 55 LBS 
3.   Gain more physical Strength
4.   Find more opportunities to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus in this World.
5.   Continue sharing my Testimony, and my Journey with the world.

Planning on taking this pair of shoes on some new adventures, Thank you for your prayers, for your support. Thank you Loving me for ME, and what that all in-tells.

Wow seeing the two together I can really see God's hand in my life! 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Idalia's Protein Guacamole

Idalia’s Protein Guacamole

2           Large Avocados
1           Medium red/white Onion
1           Tablespoon Minced Garlic
1           Whole Lemon Juiced
2           Cups of rough chopped cherry tomatoes (or tomatoes of your choice)
¼          Cup of nutritional yeast
1           full serving of plant based non flavored protein powder (I use Plantfussion or  Warrior raw Protein powder)
1-2       Roasted Poblano peppers diced
4-6       Jalapeños diced
1-2       Bunches of diced cilantro
8-12oz   Liquid ( water, coconut milk)

A mixture of Seasonings: garlic powder, onion powder, cumin (get creative). dd salt to your liking. The nutritional Yeast will give the saltiness it needs.
This is about building flavors and having fun making something nutritious. By adding protein to this side dish it can become your main Entrée.  
I always start by Roasting the Poblano peppers on a Comal (non-stick pan) or just over the stove flames. Set them aside inside a plastic bag it will become easier to clean once you are ready to dice them up.

Bowl Number 1: Make sure  is a good size Bowl.

Finely dice Onion, Add lemon juice, and Minced garlic. Add to Bowl 1
Diced Jalapeños (you can take the seeds out, this will cut the heat). Add to Bowl 1
Rough chop tomatoes is you want the dish to look rustic, or get fancy with it (just have fun). Add to Bowl 1
Finely chop Cilantro. Add to Bowl 1

Bowl Number 2:

Add Protein powder, Nutritional yeast, and your choice of seasonings. Slowly add your Liquid just enough to dissolve the powder.
Add Avocado just like the tomatoes you get to decide how you want it smashed or diced (I make my depending on the ripeness of the avocado)
Mix well until mixture is well blended together.
Add contents of Bowl number 2 to bowl number 1

Taste and adjust flavors. I usually add more lemon, and more spice.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Celebrating Life.

10 Years ago my father was given eternal life.  It was not easy to accept. I was selfish and wanted him here with me until the end of time. I knew he was suffering and slowly loosing his health. I watched him loose part of his eye sight, loose strength, and slowly started seeing his spirit die from all he was carrying  in his heart.  My heart broke, I felt abandoned. I asked the question that everyone asks Why? Why my daddy? why couldn't it be me?  What you don't know is that a month before I had been told that I had a few months left. That I needed to make my arrangements and say my goodbyes. And here I was looking down at my father seeing how his spirit had left this world. I was angry. Not at God but at him, my dad. He had made promises and now I was alone to deal with life.

For the first two years I carried all the pain and anger. Refused to talk about it, refused to acknowledge  that Miracle that had been given to me. The Miracle to have seen my father die a peaceful death. The Miracle to know That he had won his health battle. The Miracle that he had won over his hurts. I slowly started seeing Death not as an end but as a beginning of something beautiful. Five years down the line I was still struggling with health issues. I was battling my own demons. Emotionally I hit rock bottom. I had given up on my self, on life. I wanted to DIE. I felt no point on living. I saw all the hurt my loved ones were experiencing. They were watching me die a very painful and slow death. My body was dying by the second. At that moment I started to pray to strength and joy. I wanted them to remember me not my sickness.

I prayed from the moment I would wake, to the moment I would close my eyes. When the pain was to much to handle I prayed for strength. On the hardest days I can honestly tell you I felt the most Joy and Peace. I started feeling a change, I started seeing a change. Others started seeing a change. My circumstances did not change. My body was slowly dying.  It was a matter of months, weeks. 

Why am I writing this all down, it is very simple because it needs to leave my head.  Today as I was looking at my phone I received a notification that I had Timehop pictures waiting for me.  Being today dad's celebration of life anniversary, I  figured it might be a good Idea to see what I had posted a few years back. Wow I was not prepared to see the pictures that came out. I'm pretty sure the person that took the following pictures was my mom. They are from 3 years ago.  # months in the Hospital one of them in an induce comma and boy was my Abba Father busy during that time.  He healed my scars, not just  in my body but in my heart and soul.

The woman that woke up is a completely different person that closed her eyes and woke up with a complete understanding that I am not alone. I  have an appreciation for life that I never had before. If you are reading this I want you to know that our Abba Father wants nothing less than to heal you. One way or another your prayers will be answered, they may not be answered in a way you want but they will be answer in the best way for you. Don't loose faith, hold on to your faith. Hold on to the Promise, to the truth. Miracles do happen. We worship a Living, Loving God.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Congratulations for loving yourself enough to make your health a priority. One of the hardest things in life is to put your own needs first. In our society we are always told not to be selfish. Well there comes a point in our life especially to those of us who are always the caregivers, that we have to put our self's first to be able to continue providing care to our loved ones. God is doing new things in your life.  you may feel like no matter what you have done you end up walking up hill. So I want you to keep this verse in mind "He is making a road in your wilderness and rivers in your desert" (see Isa 43:19). So now lets dig in to your first week of this journey.

Week One:

  1. ·         Drill it in your brain this is NOT A DIET IT’S A LIFESTYLE CHANGE

    The difference between a Diet mentality and a Lifestyle mentality is a matter of how you see it. I see a diet as rules that need to be followed for a period of time. To me a Diet has an expiration date. Now the way I see a lifestyle change gives you a different perceptive on the world.  How you see your food options, are they taking your life or are they giving you life.  I can tell you this was a huge AHA! moment for me, It has saved me heartache, pain and disappointment. It's time to start Living the life you were born to live.

  1. ·         Make your list of reasons why you are making the change.


    Keep your reasons in your mind, write them down, put them somewhere you will see them through out your day. Share them with your loved ones, get them involved in your journey. Why? well because we are human and life happens. You will need this little reminders as to why you made the lifestyle change. you need that encouragement to keep going. You need to put a picture to the reward for all your hard work.  
  1. ·         Start investing on the tools to help you achieve your goals.
Masticating Juicer, Firm toothbrush (will help you clean it), apple cider vinegar, black strap molasses, Wheatgrass powder, 2 oz Tupperware containers (for traveling ), 16 oz  mason jars wide mouth with  lids. Insulated lunch bag. You have to keep in mind even though you have made a change the rest of the world has not.  Life does not stop as you fast  you are still to live life. What this means is that you will travel with your juice, snacks, and some tools to insure that you are successful.
  1. ·         Cut down on unhealthy foods (no fast foods) , sugars (fake sugars as well) , caffeine (energy drinks).

   This is where the real  work starts. Time to start eliminating all the bad habits out of our daily day.  If you find your self eating out, on the drive through on your lunch time, maybe waiting in line for a cup of coffee, or you look down at your shopping cart and see all processed foods and sugar filled foods. This is it say I do not need you anymore. Trust me I still have days where I stumble but I get back up and try again. The way I see food now is "are you giving me life or are you taking it from me".
  1. ·         Add more vegetables to your diet.

      How many vegetables are out there that you have never even tried? this change is not about taking things away , it's about adding good things in. There is more vegetables than potatoes and corn. start looking at protein dense vegetables, protein dense grains. Enjoy the adventure. Have fun exploring all the different flavors. 
  1. ·         Add more water intake (64 oz).

 Stay hydrated, your body needs water just as much as we need oxygen. keep a 32 oz bottle with you at all times. you can label it like the picture to help you keep you on track. If you have a smart phone there are apps you can use as well that will remind you to take a drink and will keep you on track.
  1. ·         Add 30 minute walk every other day.

  The key here is to start moving. When you go to the grocery store park as far away from the front door, Use the stairs instead of the elevator (yes it will take you longer). Walk around the block, take a walk during your breaks at work, do a scavenger hunt with the kids.
  1. ·         Find a support system.
  This is very important for your success. Get your your family to cheer you on, they dont have to understand all of it but the one thing they need to understand is that you are doing this for you. Have a friend you can talk to on those moments you feel weak. But also those moments where you need to celebrate a victory.
  1. ·         Buy a journal (trust me you will thank me later), start using it.
          This is important because it will allow you to get all the crazy noise out of your head into paper. put your fears, questions down on paper. Do not let then make a home in your mind.

  Now lets have some fun and enjoy this new adventure, remember you were not given a spirit of fear, or anxiety. You were given a spirit of Peace, Love and understanding.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Like I was saying in the last post Rome was not build in a Day. There was dreaming, planning, action, and finally rest throughout the whole construction.

Let’s start with the DREAMING: What is your dream? Take a moment to fully think about what this is. It could be a simple dream to lose a little weight.  Maybe you want to stop surviving your days by false means (energy drinks, coffee, medications, alcohol). I think it’s time to share my dream with the world. Many know what it is because you have asked me about it. Some only assume to know.

From day one my dream has been to regain my Health. To give my body the best fighting chance. To stop allowing the World’s (Doctors, family, friends, strangers) opinions to have any claim in my life.

Be honest with yourself about what your dream is. Remember this world needs you. Without your Gifts this world is incomplete. 

 Once you know what your dream is then the planning starts.

Keep in mind why are you planning? To be more active remember you will not start running marathons on your first day.  Add 30 minutes of walking a day. You can walk through your lunch, after dinner. Make it a family adventure. Get the kids the husband involved. Make this one of the family activities. Healthy quality time. Not only are you doing something good for you but you are teaching your children a skill for their adulthood.
Maybe you are planning to eat healthier.  Cut down on sugars and I mean all sugars artificial sugar as well. Cut down on Caffeine intake (soda, coffee, energy drinks). Are you eating a lot of breads, pastas? Not to get confused here we are not just eliminating bad food but we are substituting for something good.

Lets break this down to a 4 week Pre-Juice Fast Prep.

Week One:
  1. ·         Drill it in your brain this is NOT A DIET IT’S A LIFESTYLE CHANGE
  2. ·         Make your list of reasons why you are making the change.
  3. ·         Start investing on the tools to help you achieve your goals.
  4. ·         Cut down on unhealthy foods (no fast foods) , sugars (fake sugars as well) , caffeine (energy drinks).
  5. ·         Add more vegetables to your diet.
  6. ·         Add more water intake (64 oz).
  7. ·         Add 30 minute walk every other day.
  8. ·         Find a support system.
  9. ·         Buy a journal (trust me you will thank me later), start using it.

Week Two:

  1. ·         Drill it in your brain this is NOT A DIET IT’S A LIFESTYLE CHANGE
  2. ·         Remind yourself the reasons why you are making this change
  3. ·         Have you use the tools you have gotten?
  4. ·         Start juicing one meal a day (you choose what meal that is)
  5. ·         No Fast foods, processed foods, sugars, caffeine
  6. ·         Cut down all animal protein. (chicken, beef, pork, sea food)  meaning no more than three meals in your week can be animal protein.
  7. ·         Add 98 oz of water to your day (lemon, applecider vinegar water)
  8. ·         Add 30 minute walks to your every day.
  9. ·         Are you using your journal

Week Three:

  1. ·         Drill it in your brain this is NOT A DIET IT’S A LIFESTYLE CHANGE
  2. ·         Remind yourself the reasons why you are making this change
  3. ·         Replacing two meals with Juices
  4. ·         One meal has to be plantbased protein
  5. ·         No animal protein, no fast food, no sugars, no coffee, no energy drinks, no processed foods
  6. ·         Add 128 oz water (one gallon) to your day (lemon, applecider vinegar water)
  7. ·         Add 1 hour walk to your day you can split it into two 30 minute walks
  8. ·         You should be writing in your journal any changes you feel, fears, questions

Week Four:
  1. ·         Drill it in your brain this is NOT A DIET IT’S A LIFESTYLE CHANGE
  2. ·         Remind yourself the reasons why you are making this change
  3. ·         Replacing two meals with Juices
  4. ·         Your one meal let it be soft foods (plant based protein, ex. Soup)
  5. ·         If you are still snacking in between meals, they should be all plant based snacks.
  6. ·         No animal protein, no fast food, no sugars, no coffee, no energy drinks, no processed foods
  7. ·         Add 128 oz water (one gallon) to your day (lemon, applecider vinegar water)
  8. ·         Add 1 hour walk to your day you can split it into two 30 minute walks  (get a pedometer) start going for distance 1-5 miles.
  9. ·         You should be writing in your journal any changes you feel, fears, questions
  10. ·         At end of week four get on the scale, also measure yourself. Put it in your journal. (after that Hide your scale)

It may seem like  a lot at first but remember it's one step at a time. If you need to spend more time getting ready then do it. The important thing is to make it work for you. If you have to spend an extra week on week 2 that's is perfectly ok. Repetition creates a good habit.

I'll leave you with one of me favorite verses. I can tell you it has been my mantra through it all. When I was learning how to walk three years ago I would repeated under my breath. when you struggle say it out loud. Close your eyes and feel our Abba Father's strength fill your being. 

Thing you need before starting a Juice Fast/ Detox

 There are several things that you must purchase before starting a Juicefast.  You will find that in the preparation is your success.  In this post I will share some of the Items that are important to my success.

First we shall start with the type of Juicer I use. 

Masticating juicers, meanwhile, typically have a horizontal design in which a tube containing the auger extends out of motorized base. Pieces of fruits and vegetables are pushed into the top of the tube, and they are crushed and squeezed by the auger. Juice drains out of the underside of the tube, while the pulp is squeezed out at the end of the tube. Because of the slower crushing and squeezing action, masticating juicers can process leafy greens and wheatgrass, and the juice that they produce will last much longer than juice made in a centrifugal juicer, which should be consumed right away as it starts losing nutrients nearly immediately. Masticating juicers are pricier than centrifugal models.
Second: Mason Jars with Lids

I choose 16 oz Jars with Wide mouth, I can use this lids on larger jars.

  I Have an intake of 64 oz a day of Juice on a normal day .  but if its busy I allow my self  16 oz more depending on the activity level.
If freeze your juices you have to remember not fill to the top. See the rubber band you should never go above that line or you will find that your jars will break. I do not allow my juice to freeze longer than 5 days at a time.

Tutorial on how to Freeze liquid into mason jars

Third: You need to realize there will be a Detox period.

Acute Acne/Skin Breakouts
Gas & Bloating:
Constipation and/or Diarrhea:
Brain Fog:
Fatigue & Low Energy:
Headaches/Body Aches:
Headaches/Body Aches:

The first three days will be the hardest. On day 5 you will feel relief, your face will have a natural glow. On day 10 you will be on a natural high. Your ability to be victorious over this fast is in your ability to stay positive, strong and with options at times of need. 

To help with headaches I drink 32 oz Water with  2 oz Apple cider Vinegar,  1 tablespoon Cayenne pepper. 1 tablespoon Blackstrap molasses, the juice of one whole lemon.

Fourth: You need Herbal Hot tea

One thing to remember is that Rome was not built on a day. This transformation you are about to start will take a lot of work, dedication, commitment and most of all patience. If you have a bad day just start again. Remember why you are doing this.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

What you do TODAY can improve all your tomorrows.

We are only a few days away from ending 2014. I feel very proud of everything I have accomplished this year. I've had some amazing milestones, in my Health, my work, and in life in general.  This year I made a choice to make my Health my priority. Not just my physical health but my mental and spiritual health as well. I plan on making more improvements in the coming new year. I have a couple of surgeries that will need to be scheduled once I can decide that I am ready physically and emotionally to handle being in the hospital and under the knife once again. I do want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support, encouragement you have given me this year.

 I want 2015 to be a year of NO EXCUSES.  I want to challenge my self in everything I do.  I will start by making my list goals for this coming year.

  1. 30-60 day juice fast
  2. Remain Faithful
You were probably expecting  a longer list. But if you know me well you know once this two are accomplished then we can add a few more.

I can assure you that by this time 2015 comes around it will know my name. It will know I have Victory over it just like in the years prior.
In  the coming days I will take time to prep my mind and body to start my fast. Your prayers, encouragement, and support will be greatly appreciated. I pray that you and your families are surrounded in our Abba Father's Loving Grace. May this new year open your eyes to see miracles in everything you encounter. Remember to make your self a priority, with out you my world would not be complete.