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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

36 years of wonderful Blessings!

Wow I made it to my 36th Birthday, Imagine that! I feel so Blessed for every second of my life. For all my struggles and for all my Victories. I've had an AMAZING year. I have slowly regain my health, my strength, my Faith in my self.

I don't know when I lost my self. Maybe it started when my health started to take things away from me. like my ability to work, my ability to enjoy the simple things in life.

I know I tried hard to hold on to what I used be no realizing that I was trying to hold on to the past and not living life at what it was in its moment.

I've had some hard lessons in the past years. One of the hardest has been that I am Loved. Not because of my accomplishments, or my failures, but because I am a Child of God.

 So how do I plan on spending my special day, well let me tell you.... Working, yup I am so excited about that simple and ordinary fact. I am working an 8 hour shift. Even though I soooo miss my Wednesday Bible study girls. I plan on enjoying my 8 hours to its fullest. I plan on taking all those complaints that come into my phone like a Rockstar. lol

Am I where I expected to be at 36? no, not at all. I expected to have a house full of screaming children. Instead I have a house full of crazy fur children. I figured I would have my degree in business Administration, instead I'm finishing my training at the end of this week for an entry position at a Sears Call center. I can honestly tell you I could not be happier with all my Blessings. I have the most Loving and Supporting Husband, I have a Family that loves me even if I'm the weirdo in the room. I am part of a very special Church Family. Lets just say I am that Special Friend for a lot of you..... lol.

So before the craziness of tomorrow starts, I want to Thank you all for all your Love and support. know that you are all in my daily prayers, Know that My Blessings are yours as well. Love you all........

Lets Celebrate This very special Day!!!!!

Thank you Lord for another Year of Victories and Blessings!