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Saturday, November 10, 2012

10/30 I celebrate my husband today

10/30... Today is Nov 10 and in my home I have a Marine. Today is the 237th Birthday  Of the Marines, Semper Fidelis. Even though Hubby thinks is silly I like to celebrate this day doing things just for him.

Getting up early to juice, pack snacks and lunch for both of us. I'm planning on  being out all day.

Found out there was a going to be a Gun Show in Austin this weekend. This will be our first stop. Hopefully not our only stop. Hubby and Guns well it's like taking him to a toy store where all the toys go BOOM! He ended up buying 1000 rounds of ammunition, I see a trip to the Gun Range soon.

This show is a lot smaller than the one in San Antonio, but still very neat to see all the guns and other items they have on display. I walked around for about 4 hours, up and down the isles, up and down the stairs. I had Juice in hand so every table we stopped I would get asked what I was drinking or where did I get it.

I especially love when they try to smell my juice, I have very strong flavors in mine. Garlic, ginger, Brussels sprouts. There were a couple that asked to taste it so I did. I did warn them it was spicy since I had put 2 Serrano peppers and 2 tablespoons of Cayenne pepper.

I explained that I was not just detoxing but I was nourishing my body with all the nutrients it was lacking. Even though I'm loosing weight that is not my only goal. the Ultimate goal here is complete health. Complete balance to my whole body.

My body is starting to show signs of balance. My Menstrual Cycle has started to come on a regular basis. I've never been regular. I have been Iron deficient all my life, there were months I would with out a menstrual cycle. Since I  started juicing three months ago things seem to be more regular. This past month I have added Turmeric to my daily juices and I noticed today specially being my first day of my cycle I did not have as much discomfort as last month with PMS. Last month I had horrible cramps, and mood swings ( I really hated being a girl). I can't lie and say I have no discomfort but it is a whole lot better (Thank the Lord).

After a few hours of seeing my Husband completely in his element, it was time to get some of our to get list accomplish. Second stop was the Container store. Needed to find better containers to pack lunch for Hubby. I really needed things with compartments, and BPA safe. I was also looking for a 32oz bottle to store juice, and a new water bottle since I broke mine last week.
Another thing that I was looking for was an Oil atomizer, Olive Oil Sprayer. Why Have I not heard of them before I have no Idea. Thanks to a Friend Julie Reyes, mentioning this the other day. Did not find one at the Container store but our Third shopping stop was Costco.  Look what I saw as I entered the store... One will be for extra Virgin Olive oil, the other for Grape seed oil.

I love how our Local Costco is starting to carry a lot more Vegan/vegetarian items. Now if the could carry organic Kale I would be one happy girl. Its funny how many people stare at our cart, it's full of vegetables and fruit. The more important thing is that My husband's choices are changing as well. He is going for organic foods, fresh vegetables and fruit. We used to go out and eat after shopping but Today Hubby said can we go home and make something instead. Not because I'm on a fast but because he just wanted something healthier than fast food (totally made my day).

When you are on a fast your Calorie intake is lower than when you are not. If you are going to be active I suggest you make juices to give you that energy you will need, as well as keep drinking water to stay hydrated. By the time we got home, put everything away prepped a quick meal (dinner) for husband my body said no more. I was good and listen to what my body was asking for and ended taking a two hour nap.
Husband's late snack
My late snack, watermelon mint pop

I can honestly say day 10 was a complete Success. I'm having minor discomfort from my menstrual cycle. No joint pain (not taking any meds any more), No hunger since I'm drinking enough juice and plenty of water and herbal tea.

I Pray your Saturday was a safe and happy one. Remember to do something good for your self!!

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