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Friday, November 9, 2012

8/30 Cleaning Thrusday

8/30.... No toothache!! woohoo! but have decided to keep from thinking about food, and pain I am going to keep busy. Quitting is not an option for me. I have a huge monster to conquer today, The Laundry Giant.

I seem to be craving spicy food, so I decided to add a few peppers to my morning juice to give me the flavor I'm missing.

Have a 4th Day Meeting tonight, and want to bring the Girls a snack. As you know its going to be a healthy snack. As I'm folding laundry I decided to make a Vegan Dip, and Cut Veggies.

husband tried a taste said it was OK (he is not a dip person) so I will have to test try this on my friends. After the emotional day I had yesterday I really need this meeting to remind me of my 4th Day.

This is the first thing I saw as I entered the Church were the meeting was held at. Isn't this cross lovely, my picture does not do it justice. I had my dinner juice as everyone snacked on some yummy snacks! It is so important to have friends who understand your lifestyle choices. But the most important thing is their support. When you are feeling weak and like you can't go on another day. Is those friends that remind you of the why? For me is because I want to be here, healthy and full of life to enjoy being around all my loved one.

This is just what my soul needed. It recharged my batteries to continue with this fast. I decided to finish my day enjoying one of the watermelon mint fruit pops.

 Praying that you feel the love around you, that if you feel lost you find a place to call home, small healthy steps add to huge healthy choices!!! Blessings.

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