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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Idalia's Protein Guacamole

Idalia’s Protein Guacamole

2           Large Avocados
1           Medium red/white Onion
1           Tablespoon Minced Garlic
1           Whole Lemon Juiced
2           Cups of rough chopped cherry tomatoes (or tomatoes of your choice)
¼          Cup of nutritional yeast
1           full serving of plant based non flavored protein powder (I use Plantfussion or  Warrior raw Protein powder)
1-2       Roasted Poblano peppers diced
4-6       Jalapeños diced
1-2       Bunches of diced cilantro
8-12oz   Liquid ( water, coconut milk)

A mixture of Seasonings: garlic powder, onion powder, cumin (get creative). dd salt to your liking. The nutritional Yeast will give the saltiness it needs.
This is about building flavors and having fun making something nutritious. By adding protein to this side dish it can become your main Entrée.  
I always start by Roasting the Poblano peppers on a Comal (non-stick pan) or just over the stove flames. Set them aside inside a plastic bag it will become easier to clean once you are ready to dice them up.

Bowl Number 1: Make sure  is a good size Bowl.

Finely dice Onion, Add lemon juice, and Minced garlic. Add to Bowl 1
Diced Jalapeños (you can take the seeds out, this will cut the heat). Add to Bowl 1
Rough chop tomatoes is you want the dish to look rustic, or get fancy with it (just have fun). Add to Bowl 1
Finely chop Cilantro. Add to Bowl 1

Bowl Number 2:

Add Protein powder, Nutritional yeast, and your choice of seasonings. Slowly add your Liquid just enough to dissolve the powder.
Add Avocado just like the tomatoes you get to decide how you want it smashed or diced (I make my depending on the ripeness of the avocado)
Mix well until mixture is well blended together.
Add contents of Bowl number 2 to bowl number 1

Taste and adjust flavors. I usually add more lemon, and more spice.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Celebrating Life.

10 Years ago my father was given eternal life.  It was not easy to accept. I was selfish and wanted him here with me until the end of time. I knew he was suffering and slowly loosing his health. I watched him loose part of his eye sight, loose strength, and slowly started seeing his spirit die from all he was carrying  in his heart.  My heart broke, I felt abandoned. I asked the question that everyone asks Why? Why my daddy? why couldn't it be me?  What you don't know is that a month before I had been told that I had a few months left. That I needed to make my arrangements and say my goodbyes. And here I was looking down at my father seeing how his spirit had left this world. I was angry. Not at God but at him, my dad. He had made promises and now I was alone to deal with life.

For the first two years I carried all the pain and anger. Refused to talk about it, refused to acknowledge  that Miracle that had been given to me. The Miracle to have seen my father die a peaceful death. The Miracle to know That he had won his health battle. The Miracle that he had won over his hurts. I slowly started seeing Death not as an end but as a beginning of something beautiful. Five years down the line I was still struggling with health issues. I was battling my own demons. Emotionally I hit rock bottom. I had given up on my self, on life. I wanted to DIE. I felt no point on living. I saw all the hurt my loved ones were experiencing. They were watching me die a very painful and slow death. My body was dying by the second. At that moment I started to pray to strength and joy. I wanted them to remember me not my sickness.

I prayed from the moment I would wake, to the moment I would close my eyes. When the pain was to much to handle I prayed for strength. On the hardest days I can honestly tell you I felt the most Joy and Peace. I started feeling a change, I started seeing a change. Others started seeing a change. My circumstances did not change. My body was slowly dying.  It was a matter of months, weeks. 

Why am I writing this all down, it is very simple because it needs to leave my head.  Today as I was looking at my phone I received a notification that I had Timehop pictures waiting for me.  Being today dad's celebration of life anniversary, I  figured it might be a good Idea to see what I had posted a few years back. Wow I was not prepared to see the pictures that came out. I'm pretty sure the person that took the following pictures was my mom. They are from 3 years ago.  # months in the Hospital one of them in an induce comma and boy was my Abba Father busy during that time.  He healed my scars, not just  in my body but in my heart and soul.

The woman that woke up is a completely different person that closed her eyes and woke up with a complete understanding that I am not alone. I  have an appreciation for life that I never had before. If you are reading this I want you to know that our Abba Father wants nothing less than to heal you. One way or another your prayers will be answered, they may not be answered in a way you want but they will be answer in the best way for you. Don't loose faith, hold on to your faith. Hold on to the Promise, to the truth. Miracles do happen. We worship a Living, Loving God.