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Monday, November 5, 2012

4/30 Blessed and Glorious Sunday

4/30, Oh what a Glorious Sunday it is...... The morning is gorgeous, nice and cool with a slight hint of a sweeping fog. I love seeing our beautiful nature at work.

 I know I could taken advantage of sleeping an extra hour but I just could not waste this beautiful day in bed. shower, breakfast, now time to get ready and head out to Angel House to serve a meal. Then depending on Mike's work load the day is just going to be full of surprises!!!

 What a wonderful and Blessed Sunday it turn out to be, am I surprise no, hehehe. Angel House in the morning to serve. Husband wanted Thai food we stopped at a really neat restaurant I had herbal tea and they let me bring in my bottle of juice (which was pretty awesome, on their part). Love that I can make my husband no feel like he  has to go with out while I'm on this fast. 

Wheastville Food Co-Op

Found a new health store, Wheatsville Food Co-op (if you haven't its a must great prices on bulk items like quinoa flour, flax seeds, hemp nuts, all organic) , Non Dairy cheese also cheaper there, Fruit and veggie are a little higher than natural grocers though, for the meat eaters you will find grain fed meats, Juice bar.

Hubby's Dinner, and a Healthy Snack
Very Happy about my finds

 Noticed a hair cut place next door and me and the Hubby got a trim. I know a couple of days ago i was excited about the length. I'm trying to even out all the hair. Hair dresser noticed dome of my hair is coming back wavy and curly. No more bald spots. Woohoooo!

not to bad!!! will look better once I wash it and style it a bit

Dinner Time 4/30 woohoo

 A very productive day and still juicing 4/30.  Happy Sunday everyone!!!!Hope your Sunday is a blessed one....Remember to smile and do something healthy for your self.

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