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Monday, November 5, 2012

2/30 The world does not stop, just because you decide to go on a juice fast!!!

 Survived the First day and very excited to start on day 2. Got reminded very quickly that the world does not end just because you choose to take on a 30 day juice fast.
This is the First picture I saw this morning at well it just brought a smile to my face. I'm feeling confident. Not feeling any Detox pains,aches, or discomfort feeling very blessed for that. I think it has a lot to do with the care i took in prepping my body, mind before starting this Fast.

Another Green Juice for the Day!    

While getting  ready to get out the door I notice something huge today! I was able to put my hair in a Mini low pony tail. the best part there were no bald spots to be seen. No matter what today brings. Today is already a big day. Thank you GOD. As I'm getting Healthier I am able to incorporate my self back into the world.  Husband was able to take me to try to obtain my Drivers license today, one thing we forgot was that I had not changed my name on my Social security so that meant another line a little more  waiting.

Here is the Unplanned/unexpected Appointments for today.

After a few Hours of waiting I should be  able to go back and get my drivers license in a week Woohooo! Oh  Lord Thank you. It has been so long, way to long. I can already feel the Freedom of depending on my self and not on others to get me to places.

As a reward for all the Waiting and to Celebrate the mile stones being taken we stopped at two of our now favorite stores, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, and one of Our local Asian Markets in Austin's China town. I know  what you are thinking you are doing a fast are you nuts to go shopping that's just torture.  I still have one person in my home who is only juicing once a day he requires other meals and if I want our home to stay healthy and in a path to clean eating then I have to shop for food Items. My juice bottle does not leave my hand. I have noticed that this is making my husband more aware of what he puts in his body. and the Why's? as well. He may not understand fully the path that I'm choosing but he supports me and that is such a Blessing.

Husband is going to give the Almond cheese a try on the left.

All the items I found are Organic, most are gluten free/ Dairy free. The options are out there. I do have to say  you have to do the research and well it does require you to do more cooking or prepping. It's worth it because once you start feeling better there's just no going back to the the old ways.

And I think my second day of fasting has been a very productive and successful day.
Its Late and Still no detox pains or aches, no hunger, and feeling great Emotionally. Remember do something positive for your self! you are worth it. Happy Friday Everyone!

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