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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year 2013, make the change, make this year count for something....

There have been many years I would hate the sound of "New Year's Resolutions".. All I heard was "How do you plan to fail this year!" Maybe I'm getting wiser in my years. This year I'm making a declaration. I DECLARE I will not just survive; I will thrive! I will prosper despite every difficulty that may come my way. I know every setback is a setup for a comeback. I will not get stagnant, give up on my dreams, or settle where I am. I know one touch of God's favor can change everything.  I'm ready for a year of blessings and a year of thriving!

I choose not to focus on my self or my circumstances. My trust is on God, his blessings, his promises, and his truth. I'm finding that the more I follow these simple steps, I find freedom, and rest in my daily life.

You are probably sitting there saying.. " yeah that is going to last only a week tops."

I have experience in the past few years, that as long as my eyes stay on God and him only. Everything falls in place as it should be.

*****I will Accomplish this in 2013*****
  • I will set time for Daily prayer
  • I will enjoy nature on a daily basis
  • I will make my health a priority (physical,emotional,spiritual)
  • I will Live life to its fullest
  • I will allow my self be silly (every day)
  • I will share my Blessings and my talents
  • I will share God's truth to all I meet
 Blessings! Idalia G.

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