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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Praying everyone had an Amazing Christmas. We had a blessed time with our Family and friends. This year I did something different than other years. I usually  write out a list for Santa, and hope Santa sees I have been good during the year. This year a month before Christmas, there was a sermon at Church that really made me think. It made me see Christmas in a whole new way, and Wonder why I had not noticed how I saw things. The point was made that some of us see God as we see Santa. we make a list (check list), we check it twice, and he (God) see if we have been naughty or nice, then he gives us our gifts accordingly. I sat there just in Awe. How could I think God was Santa. How could I have deceived my self into believing that.So this year instead of making a Santa letter I made a God letter.

My letter was more of Gratitude for all the Blessings that have been given to us this year. For our Health, Our Love, our Family. I gave thanks for the wisdom he gives me everyday to make better choices in our lives. I gave thanks for future blessings that will come in his time not ours. Let me tell you this simple but very powerful act made a huge difference on how I saw this years Christmas. I was able to fully enjoy and celebrate the reason for the season. 

We still have one more Christmas Family dinner. As you are able to sit and relax from all the craziness. Take a moment to pray for all those who are not able to be with family or loved ones. Pray for Healing and transformation in your life. Not just physical healing but healing in your heart. Pray for Freedom so your soul can have some rest.

Again I pray you enjoy the best present of all, God's Love..... Blessings Idalia G.

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