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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pre-30 day juice fast check list

There are several things to prep before starting your juice fast. Here is my long check list:

1: having a working juicer is very important: There are so many out there. How to choose what works for you. For me there were several things I needed mine to do. Give me the most juice for my veggies and fruits, including leafy greens. I wanted it to juice nuts ( to make almond milk). Easy to clean, easy to work with.

2: fruit bowl: (I don't like to make trips, so I gather all my fruits into a bowl), juice bowl ( if you are making more than 32 oz at a time)

3: Mason jars... To store your juices. Very important to have good working lids, with seals.

4: vegetable scrub brush; to scrub your vegetables as well as to clean your juicer after every juice adventure.

5: clean wash towels... There's going to be spills... Trust me I don't care how careful you are, there will be spills and accidents.

Having the tools you will need in the next 30 days in an area where is easy to store is also important........ More Tips to Come soon. only two more days!

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